Easy DIY Fall Wreath


Happy Monday! Today’s post is a part of a blog hop with some lovely ladies I have gotten to know in the past few months sharing our fall wreath’s! Here you will find an easy, affordable DIY Fall Wreath, this was so easy to make and can easily be done in a few hours. A wreath is a great way to add a little color and texture to your space this fall season. Please make sure to stop by and see what the have crafted up using the links at the bottom. I wanted to do a fall wreath that brought in a little black and white to give it a subtle Halloween feel with some orange flowers. I love stripes so had my mind set on either white and orange or white and black.

My supply list: 

Styrofoam Wreath (Michaels)

Miscellaneous Ribbon (Michaels)

Fake Flowers (Michaels)

Hot Glue Gun


Scissors/ Garden Clippers


fall wreath

I started by simply wrapping the ribbon around the wreath, I used tape at one end so I could go back and fix it if I needed to.

Like any good DIY project, you make a mistake and have to improvise – one roll of ribbon was not enough to cover the entire wreath. Lesson learned, if you find something you like, always buy an extra 🙂



From there I decided to try a layered look with the orange ribbon I had also purchased, and found another roll of sheer orange in my stock pile. I decided to start with the heavier orange and wrapped it around the wreath trying to evenly space it. By making the spacing between each wrap a little wider it allowed for the fabric to flatten and eliminate any folds or bunches from the ribbon. I followed the same spacing and used the sheer orange so it began to look layered.  When doing this I used tape again, just in case I ran into any mishaps again, I also tied off both orange pieces at the top and left a little slack to use to hang the wreath.





After the orange was set, I was finally able to successfully use the black and white stripes to fill in the open space! I tied this off at the top with a more appealing knot covering the ends of the orange. At this point I took the hot glue gun and secured everything in place.


For the flowers, I simply cut the ends and hot glued them into place. I chose to offset them to make it a little asymmetrical.



With the orange slack I had leftover I was able to create a little hanger!


This is not exactly how I pictured it when I bought my supplies, but I think it works for fall and the little touch of halloween I was looking for. I think when I have time I will go back and make some changes and additions – what would you do to make it better?

As I mentioned earlier in the post, this Fall Wreath is part of blog hop today so it would be great if you pop over and check out the other links before and see their beautiful DIY’s! Thank you for stopping by C52 this morning!




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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

File_000 (3)


 I have finally spared myself some time to browse through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and there is so much inventory it is almost overwhelming! I thought I would share my favorite home decor finds to add a little pop of color to your space. The beauty of this sale is there is free shipping and returns. You can’t go wrong with picking out a few things and seeing how they looks in your space and then returning the ones that don’t work. I am a total visual person so I like to see things in person and how they look in the space before committing to them. The sale is going on through the beginning of August so make sure to check it out! Here are 15 items under $50

I love this pillow, it has such a range of colors it could add so much to a lot of color schemes.


Cupcakes and Cashmere ‘Mini Burst’ Pillow

I have a serious obsession for polka dots. I love the curtains, I think they could make a fun statement piece in a living room, office or den with darker furniture to add that pop. They are also available in sand and seafoam.


LALA & BASH ‘Dottie’ Window Panels

This decanter is just a fun way to dress up your bar or drink cart!


Rosanna ‘Hard Stuff’ Glass Decanter & Stopper

This cute pineapple wall art could make a great addition to a space or gallery wall with the blue paint and bamboo frame.


DENY Designs ‘Pineapple’ Framed Wall Art

These baskets could make for great storage, while providing a little color and pattern to your space!


Levtex Diamond Straw Basket

 Add a little something rustic chic with the World Map Canvas Art.


CATHY’S CONCEPT ‘Our World Travels’ Canvas Wall Art

This sign could make a great addition to a gallery wall!


PONCHO & GOLDSTEIN ‘This is my happy place’ Sign

Love this Gold Hexagon Mirrors, they could be great in a bedroom or line up multiple in a foyer, living room or dining room!


Era Home ‘Gold Hexagon’ Mirror

This Glass Shadow Box would make a great addition to your home for random trinkets, also could make a great gift!


CATHY’S CONCEPTS Monogram Glass Shadow Box

A few of these pillows could make a great statement in your bedroom or living room decor.


DENY Designs ‘At Midnight’ Pillow

This cozy chevron throw could add a great graphic pattern to any space. Also available in Aqua, Brown, Lime and Coral.


Rizzy Home Chevron Throw

With adult coloring books being the latest thing, personalize your space and colors with this color your own Wisdom Box.


Primitives by Kathy ‘Color Your Own – Wisdom’ Box Sign

Another pillow to add some color to your space, be sure to check out our Gold Color Series post!


kensie Metallic Chevron Pillow

Another simple way to add some rustic elements to your space!


Era Home Leaf-Embossed Frame

Last but not least, these fun LED Metal Marquee Style letters. These are a great way to personalize your space with an individual letter or spelling something out. Easy to hang on a wall or placed on a shelf or table! They could also make for a cute night light in a child’s room or bathroom.


Crystal Art Gallery LED Metal Marquee Letter Light

Hope these finds help inspire a little refresh to your space. Happy Nordstrom shopping!


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Top 5 Baby Must Haves


c52 is back! I am working my way back into the blogosphere after taking the last 10 weeks off to snuggle up with my new babe! He has been pretty easy – compared to some horror stories I have heard, hopefully he stays this way. Since I can’t force myself back into home decor and design, I thought I would share a few of my favorite baby products that have been essential the past few weeks! Here are my top 5 new baby must haves!

The Boppy Lounger is the best – the little guy is currently snug asleep next to me in it while I work away on the sofa.

boppy lounger

Boppy Lounger

The rock n’ play has been used more than anything. It has been great to use during the day for naps, while we have dinner and for quick over night trips for him to sleep in rather than hauling the pack and play. It is so easy to move around which makes it convenient all over the house.

rock n play

Fisher Price Rock n’ Play

The Aden + Anais Burp Cloth/Bib Combo are the greatest. They are useful for burp clothes and we recently started snapping them on as bibs for our messy little eater. They are super absorbent and a great size!

aden anais

Aden + Anais Burpy Bib

We have used swaddles more than we thought we would. We got quite a few as shower gifts but we go through them like crazy. We have been using them for swaddles, nap time blankets and on the ground for tummy time.

aden anais2

Aden + Anais Classis Swaddles High Seas 4 Pack

These Swaddle Me sleep sacks are serious game changers. We started using them when he was about 6 weeks old and he started to sleep for longer periods each night after a good feeding.

baby products


If you are planning for your little one, I strongly recommend these great products and using the Baby List Registry. They can compile multiple registries and have great recommendations! I hope you all have a happy Tuesday and happy baby shopping!


” Do one thing everyday that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt
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