Features at 52: April at Hugged Apparel

I am so excited to share my first Features at 52! Today I am sharing the work of April at Hugged Apparel. They are a small family owned business with a fun line of apparel and accessories. Check them out at https://www.huggedapparel.com/ and see more about them below! “My name is April and my husband Josh and I are just regular parents with some big ideas.  I love to design and draw and together we’ve curated a unique and fun collection of products.  Our company is Hugged Apparel.  The name is a play on our last name (Huggins) and because our shirts are […]

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The Tassels Trend

Apparently Tassels are making a comeback this year and they are quite the trend! These tassels could make perfect accessories to dress up spring and summer outfits. They are a bit quirky but could make a great statement! Here are my favorite finds so far – (*this post contains affiliate links) [1][2][3][4][5] [6][7][[8][9][10] [11][12][13][14][15] [16][17][18][19][20] [21][22][23][24][25] There are so many different styles and colors to choose from with this kind of jewelry. It can definitely be used for both classy and casual affairs. My apologies for sharing so many but I had such a hard time deciding! -MP Shop the […]

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Flowers to Fashion


I am going to try something new today – taking a bbouquet of flowers and turning them into some fashion finds. Today’s style selections are inspired by these beautiful flowers my husband had sent to me at work for our second wedding anniversary! I wish I had flowers on my desk all of the time – they have helped brighten my mood and smell so wonderful! The shades of pink and yellow could make for some lovely Spring Styles. These styles include Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstroms, J.Crew, Kate Spade and a few of my other favorites! These selections would be great for everyday […]

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Gingham Styles from J.Crew


Got Gingham? Spring is really here! Today I thought I would share my favorite Gingham Styles from J.Crew I have been checking out lately. J.Crew is one of my favorite places to shop and they have gone above and beyond in the Gingham selection this spring! There are so many different ways to incorporate Gingham into your wardrobe to add a nice pattern, apparently Gingham is in this year! (*this post contains affiliate links)  Searsucker Top – Anyone else NOT ready for bathing suit season? Still a fun look and there are some other color options and styles! Jackie Shell – Great […]

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Spring Jackets

spring jackets

Spring Jackets Now that we have packed away our down jackets and parkas, I thought I would share some Spring Jackets for this weeks Style post. I will be the first to admit, I have a jacket problem. Out of all of the clothing I own and can shop for, jackets and vests are my favorite. Below I have rounded up a few of my favorites to help ease into Spring! (*this post contains affiliate links) Barbour – They make a great product, I have a vest and jacket I wear all of the time. Patagonia – Nothing beats a good Patagonia […]

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Spring Shoes

MK flats - spring shoes

Now that winter is hopefully behind us – fingers crossed we won’t get another 6″ of snow like we did yesterday, I thought I would round-up some of my favorite Spring Shoes out there. I got these Michael Kors Flats last weekend as a gift from my mother in law and they are amazing! They are perfect for work to casual attire and really comfortable, I wore them for the first time last Friday for 8+ hours without issue. I consider without issue to be no pain and no blisters, not bad for a new pair of shoes. (*this post contains […]

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