Nursery Accent Walls

I am at the age in my life where a lot of sweet little babies are entering the world around me and I love to hear about the Nursery plans. I love the idea of a Nursery accent wall. It is such a fun way to add some fun color and pattern to a baby’s room. One of my girlfriends is going with this Zoo Dreams from Chasing Paper. I love it and wish I had found it when we did our little man’s nursery last year! She has the perfect little nook in the room for it to go on a few […]

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Interior Industrial Style

Interior Industrial Style is one of the big trends today. I found myself watching an episode of Fixer Upper the other night and became a little obsessed with their use of interior glass sliding doors! I wouldn’t consider ‘Industrial’ part of my style but I am so impressed with what they did to transform this home. The use of the sliding glass doors within the space helps it feels so much bigger and helps create such an open welcoming space, not to mention, great site lines! You can see more of the transformation at ! How great are these black shiplap […]

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Black Sink Kitchen Inspiration

volnay capital

I was totally inspired this morning while scrolling through Instagram to see a black kitchen sink posted by Volnay Capital a local Real Estate Development company here in Boston. They show before & afters of their design projects as well as some great inspiration, I would highly suggest checking them out! Instagram is such a great place to find home interiors inspiration. Pinterest is great when you are trying to do a little research on something, but I enjoy the randomness of Instagram. I wish I could keep up with everyone that I follow! I love the contrast between the black sink […]

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According to an email from Mark & Graham yesterday, this season’s pattern is Herringone! I thought I would share a few ways to add a little Herringbone to your space! In the past Herringbone has mostly been seen in pavement and floor tilings, but recently designers have gotten more creative bringing it into their homes interiors. How great are these patios?! One of the biggest trends I have seen recently is Herringbone in the kitchen and bathrooms – simply rotating the classic subway tiles to add a little pattern to the space! Herringbone wood floors – the dream! I love the […]

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hello!  I have finally spared myself some time to browse through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and there is so much inventory it is almost overwhelming! I thought I would share my favorite home decor finds to add a little pop of color to your space. The beauty of this sale is there is free shipping and returns. You can’t go wrong with picking out a few things and seeing how they looks in your space and then returning the ones that don’t work. I am a total visual person so I like to see things in person and how they look […]

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Home Decor – Color Series: Plum

home decor color series - plum

For this weeks color series I thought I would share my finds for the beautiful Plum! It is such a pretty color year round and can be used as such a great accent to almost any color. I love the chair below mixed with gray tones! It would be so pretty paired with a few of my other Color Series post – Chartreuse , Mint or Gold !

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